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Maca Root for a Bigger Booty

Curves are in, but we aren’t all blessed with a voluptuous, curvy backside. Thankfully, there are alternatives. Today, there’s a lot of talk about using maca root for a bigger booty. So what is this miracle root, where does it come from, and does it actually work? Though experts disagree on the exact health benefits of maca root, it comes from a long tradition of those who use it for a wide variety of ailments–and for a health-boosting food in general. Here’s the whole story!

The Rundown on Maca Root

maca for a bigger buttMaca root comes from South America. Peruvians and other South Americans have been using the root for around 3,000 years, and not because they wanted to get a bigger butt. They viewed maca as both a highly effective food and medicine to cure a variety of ailments Today, it’s considered a superfood because of its high density of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and enzymes. Because maca has such a high concentration of B-vitamins, it has a tendency to boost energy and reduce stress levels–much like a strong cup of coffee.

In addition to boosting energy levels, maca root is also used to treat anemia, to relieve symptoms of menopause, to help improve memory and increase fertility, to boost the immune system, and to boost sex hormones in both men and women.

Some also say it’s great for regulating the adrenal gland and thyroid. And it’s known to help regulate women’s menstrual cycles. Some report it’s the magic antidote to PMS symptoms.

And because it helps regulate estrogen levels, it’s also known to help make women look more… womanly. Here’s where the sexy curves come in.

Booty Boosting Superpowers

voluplus bigger booty girl bikiniOne of the most popular uses of maca root today has nothing to do with energy boosts or thyroid regulation, and everything to do with curves. Now, while the size and shape of your booty is mostly due to genetics, there are some things you can do to influence them. And maca impacts your hormones in a meaningful way.

Though it doesn’t automatically add estrogen to your body, it adapts to your body’s needs and encourages your body to produce the perfect balance of estrogen (which is one of the reasons maca is so great for menopause and menstrual issues). Well-regulated estrogen levels tell your body to retain more fat and muscle mass in the areas where women tend to have more curves: the hips and butt. The results? Those who consistently take maca powder often report a curvier, more defined backside.

Maca Root for a Bigger Booty, Does it Work?

Does Maca root for a bigger booty work, or is it a myth? If your estrogen levels are already well-regulated, not abnormally low, you might not see much of a change. But if they’re not, maca might be exactly what your body needs to bring your homones into balance and build a curvier butt and hips.

thinking selena gomezIt can’t hurt to try, especially as an addition to a butt-building routine, which should include a consistent workout program including butt-boosting moves. A whole-foods diet full of healthy fats and proteins will also help boost your booty and improve your overall health naturally. The cost of Maca root is relatively low from most suppliers; companies like Gluteboost even sell it as low as $8.95 a bottle with other purchases.

By combining a butt enhancement supplement containing maca powder with a smart workout program and effective food-for-fuel diet, you’re setting yourself up for success and for a curvier, stronger butt than ever before.

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benefits of dong quai herb for a bigger butt
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Top 10 Benefits of Dong Quai

Take a pill, and get a bigger butt, along with a slew of other health benefits. Too good to be true? Not necessarily. Dong quai, an herb prized by the Chinese for centuries thanks to its many health-relieving benefits, is now enjoying a more mainstream following. Here’s what you need to know about the benefits of dong quai. It’s more than just a recipe to get a bigger butt.

1. One of the Benefits of Dong Quai, More Estrogen!

Dong quai works to increase too-low estrogen levels and to lower levels that are too high; for this reason, it’s a popular remedy for women with PMS or unmanageable menstrual cramps. Some actually call don quai the “gynecological regulator” because it works so well to even out womens‘ cycles, particularly after stopping hormonal birth control.

2. If It’s Good for the Heart, What Else is There?

serena williams dong quai for a bigger butt

Some studies have shown that dong quai promotes effective blood circulation and healthy heart function. It can even reduce chest pain and lower blood pressure. Some herbalists recommend dong quai as a “blood tonic.” Because it’s loaded with vitamins and minerals including B12, folic acid, and nicotinic acid, some herbalists recommend taking it after surgery to help re-fortify the blood and build red blood cell counts.

3. It Helps Your Man, Too.


Dong quai isn’t just for women. It’s also been used to treat premature ejaculation and to improve sperm quality in men with fertility problems.

To prevent premature ejaculation, it’s usually applied directly to the penis a few times a day for best results. It might sound strange, but it works for some!

4. Anti-Depressants? No way! Dong Quai.

Some say that dong quai reduces anxiety levels, helps regulate mood swings, and promotes a well-balanced nervous system. We could all use a little happy boost during the workweek!

5. Look Fabulous, Feel Fabulous.

Chinese women have a tendency to look ageless–and some thing that dong quai might have something to do with that. By promoting blood flow and encouraging detoxification, dong quai is said to improve overall wellness, keeping your skin healthy and blemish-free.

6. Create Killer Curves, without a Killer Price tag.

yesssDong quai for a bigger butt is one of the top ingredients in supplements which, thanks to their natural estrogen-boosting capabilities, cause women to retain fat and build muscle in the areas where women are naturally curvier: the hips and butt.

When combined with other natural butt enhancement ingredients, you can say BUH-BYE to your Miley butt, and HELLO to a butt like Bey!

7. Buh-Bye Menopause

As part of its role as the ultimate “gynecological regulator,” dong quai also serves to reduce menopausal symptoms, particularly when taken with chamomile. It has been known to reduce hot flashes and night sweats, allowing pre- and post-menopausal women to sleep and feel better.

8. Buh-Bye Migraines.

Some people report a marked reduction in migraines while taking dong quai, particularly when migraines were associated with PMS or menstruation.

9. and BUH-BYE Pain.

Dong quai helps some with sciatica who take it on a regular basis so they can live with less pain and improve their mobility.

10. Hello Hottie!

It might not be as effective as dark chocolate (what is?) but one of the benefits of dong quai is widely used as an aphrodisiac by men and women in eastern cultures, which makes sense due to its fertility-boosting and cycle-regulating qualities!

So, is dong quai the miracle herb? The jury’s still out. But it can’t hurt to try!

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Does Volufiline Work for a Bigger Butt?

The popular wisdom is that you can’t do much about the size and shape of your butt. Exercise can tone it, diet can enlarge or reduce the fat cells, but, other than that, you’re stuck with what Mother Nature gave you. However, science is showing that the naysayers are wrong.

There are a number of plant-based compounds that can affect your hormone levels, the size of your fat cells and can trick your body into producing more of them. One of these powerful ingredients is Volufiline, which is included in some of the more effective butt enhancement creams.

What the Studies Show about Volufiline for a Bigger Butt

volufiline for a bigger buttVolufiline was originally tested in a lab. In in vitro studies (basically, cells grown in petri dishes and test tubes), they discovered that Volufiline could trigger cell growth, adding up to a significant increase in the size and volume of fat cells.

They soon moved on to human trials to see how this could affect tissue growth in women who wanted to enhance their natural assets. A study that included 32 female volunteers was performed. And, they found that formulations containing Volufiline stimulated the growth of fat tissue when applied topically twice a day.

Some results were seen right from the beginning, but, the real magic started to happen about four weeks in. In the study, participants saw the most dramatic changes in the period between the 28th and 56th day of the study. In all, participants using a 1% Volufiline solution saw an 8.4% increase in size. Applying a Volufiline solution regularly over a period of time can produce dramatic results.

What Is Volufiline, Anyway?

volufiline-zhi-mui-chinese-herbAnd how does Volufiline work? Well, simply put, it is the commercial name for a substance known as sarsasapogenin. That sounds like a mouth full, I know! BUT,  tThis compound is extracted from the Chinese herb Zhi Mui. (Much better, right?!)

In studies, they found that Volufiline works through a process known as “lipofilling.” In areas where Volufiline has been applied, the body will increase the size of fat cells.

READ THE STUDY: Volufiline Study

Bigger fat cells means that they can store more fat tissue, leading to a rounder, more curvy and feminine booty. And, since these are naturally grown fat cells, the results look far more natural than anything you could accomplish through butt implants or butt injections. And, it’s even more effective when used in conjunction with VoluPlus, another botanical-based compound.

Research has indicated that Volufiline’s amazing effects only last as long as the formula is being used on a regular basis. If a person discontinues use, they’ll lose all the gains that Volufiline brought them. Those looking to Volufiline should think of it as part of their daily self-care rituals and routines.

When it’s an ingredient in a quality butt cream, it will show up with other nourishing ingredients that make it a pleasure to apply on a daily basis.

By harnessing the power of scientifically proven remedies, we can outwardly become the goddesses we’ve always felt like inside. Incorporate science-based solutions like Volufiline to sculpt your body, add roundness and feminine curves and to get the lush, bodacious booty you’ve always wanted.

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How Does VoluPlus Work to Get a Bigger Butt

When you start researching ways to get a bigger butt, you can really fall down the rabbit hole. There are a ton of programs, pills and supplements out there, all promising dramatic butt enlargement results. The question is, what really works and what does not? To get good answers, you need to look at the science.

How Does VoluPlus work?

Photo of how does voluplus work productOne ingredient we have come across again and again in the best reviewed body enhancement formulas is VoluPlus. And, studies have shown that this ingredient is one of your best bets for getting a bigger butt.

Your butt gets its shape from a combination of muscles and fat. Think of the muscles underneath as the frame and the fat as the soft cushions. You can increase your muscle size through exercise.

voluplus bigger booty girl bikini

Fat increases when you gain weight, but you can only gain as much in an area as there are fat cells (also known as adipose) to support it.

To the left you can see fat cells under a microscope after exposure to VoluPlus, notice how they’ve plumped up and gotten bigger.

VoluPlus is derived from natural plant sources. The first ingredient, Macalignan, comes from nutmeg. This tropical seed is not just a seasoning for cakes and pies. It has many medical and beauty uses, as an antimicrobial and has even clinically been shown to have some anti-cancer effects.

Most importantly for the purposes of butt enhancement, it is a powerful plant-based estrogen. Estrogens, whether animal or plant based, trigger reactions in your body that enhance womanly curves. When applied topically, it stimulates your body to make more fat cells and to make them all larger. So, on a cellular level, you are increasing the fat storage in your booty.

The other key ingredient, Macademia Oil, comes from the native Australian tree that is now grown throughout tropical regions around the world. With 60% oleic acid, 19% palmitoleic acid and smaller amounts of both alpha linolenic acid and linolenic acid, it is one of nature’s richest sources of essential fatty acids.

Essential fatty acids work for your butt in two ways: first, they nourish the skin to make your bottom look super smooth. Plus, they sink into the epidermis to the fat layer where they can directly nourish the tissue there.

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Before and After Photos from Products with Voluplus

z_KourtnezBackup_yThese girls used a product with VoluPlus for anywhere from 1-4 months. In particular, they’re showcasing the Gluteboost Butt Enhancement Cream product. You’ll notice that most of the results are fantastic!

In these cases, a combination of VoluPlus and Volufiline helped these women get a bigger butt along with some other smoothing and stimulating ingredients. They all used Gluteboost cream in particular, which is the only product we could find on the market that uses both Volufiline and VoluPlus.

Before and after for gluteboost voluplusholly gluteboost before and after


How VoluPlus works to get you a bigger butt.

voluplus study results fat cellsSo, let’s get to the nitty gritty – How does VoluPlus work? Most importantly and notably, VoluPlus stimulates fat cells wherever it’s applied.

In a clinical study, subjects who applied a topical formulation with VoluPlus for 28 days saw a measurable increase in the size. Subjects were given a formula that contained 5% of the active ingredient VoluPlus.

Compared with the control group who got a placebo, those who got the most dramatic results saw an increase of 18% and the group average was 12%. To the left you can see fat cells under a microscope after exposure to VoluPlus, notice how they’ve plumped up and gotten bigger.

And, the researchers suggested that the benefits don’t end there. With continued regular use, you could see even more growth over a six month period. When you pair that with another treatment like Volufiline for a bigger butt, you can really achieve a huge level of growth, giving you a rounder, sexier booty naturally.

The science supports it. When a topical supplement that includes an effective amount of this formula is combined with sensible diet and exercise, you can’t help but see some positive results.


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The Secret to Health: Get a Bigger Butt?

get-bigger-buttA lot of people worry that carrying extra weight can lead to poor health. But, science is showing us that having a little extra junk in the trunk is not only not harmful to your health — it may actually be better for you in a whole lot of different ways. One of the questions is, if you get a bigger butt, will you be healthier?

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Breaking News: A Butt Enlargement Cream With “Miracle Drug” Fish Oil!

When you ponder the ways to make your butt bigger, the words “fish oil” may not immediately come to mind. However, as scientists continue to discover the many health and beauty-boosting properties of fish oil, this miracle form of fatty acid has finally been integrated into a powerful bum enlargement cream.

Discover how fish oil — a key ingredient in Bum Boutique’s cutting-edge line of butt enlargement products — can help you get the plumper, rounder, bigger butt of your dreams.

The 411 on Fish Oil

Fish oil is widely and wildly praised for its ability to treat everything from high cholesterol and heart disease to depression and anxiety. It has also been linked with weight loss and skin care. Just how incredible is fish oil? Prominent biochemist and best-selling author Dr. Barry Sears once described it as “as close to a miracle drug as I’ll ever see in my lifetime.”

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Fish Oil and Vitamin E for Butt

Let’s face it – there’s no shortage of supplements and products out there claiming to help you get a bigger butt. From butt enhancement pills to creams and lotions to home remedies, the buttocks enhancement products come in all different types. And with tens of thousands of women paying big bucks to undergo dangerous butt enhancement surgeries every year, one thing is clear – most women want bigger, rounder butts. And they’re willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen.

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Fish Oil for Bigger Butt

The known health benefits of fish oil have been touted in medical circles for years. Fish oil has been shown to help lower blood pressure, reduce triglyceride levels, fight depression, improve joint health, treat diabetes, help with asthma, prevent osteoporosis, and even prevent heart disease. Now, it seems there’s one more benefit to add to this extensive list. New evidence seems to indicate women can take fish oil for bigger butt.

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Using Fish Oil for a Bigger Butt

If you’ve been searching for a way to enhance your butt lately, you’ve probably seen the hundreds of bloggers, YouTuber’s, and other people talking about using fish oil to grow your butt. The theory is everywhere. But, the real question is, does it work? I for one, am dying to know. So, I posed the question; can it be done? Can a chick who cries when she hears “lovely lady lumps” grow her butt simply by applying fishoil and some saran wrap? Let’s check it out.

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