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Does Volufiline Work for a Bigger Butt?

The popular wisdom is that you can’t do much about the size and shape of your butt. Exercise can tone it, diet can enlarge or reduce the fat cells, but, other than that, you’re stuck with what Mother Nature gave you. However, science is showing that the naysayers are wrong.

There are a number of plant-based compounds that can affect your hormone levels, the size of your fat cells and can trick your body into producing more of them. One of these powerful ingredients is Volufiline, which is included in some of the more effective butt enhancement creams.

What the Studies Show about Volufiline for a Bigger Butt

volufiline for a bigger buttVolufiline was originally tested in a lab. In in vitro studies (basically, cells grown in petri dishes and test tubes), they discovered that Volufiline could trigger cell growth, adding up to a significant increase in the size and volume of fat cells.

They soon moved on to human trials to see how this could affect tissue growth in women who wanted to enhance their natural assets. A study that included 32 female volunteers was performed. And, they found that formulations containing Volufiline stimulated the growth of fat tissue when applied topically twice a day.

Some results were seen right from the beginning, but, the real magic started to happen about four weeks in. In the study, participants saw the most dramatic changes in the period between the 28th and 56th day of the study. In all, participants using a 1% Volufiline solution saw an 8.4% increase in size. Applying a Volufiline solution regularly over a period of time can produce dramatic results.

What Is Volufiline, Anyway?

volufiline-zhi-mui-chinese-herbAnd how does Volufiline work? Well, simply put, it is the commercial name for a substance known as sarsasapogenin. That sounds like a mouth full, I know! BUT,  tThis compound is extracted from the Chinese herb Zhi Mui. (Much better, right?!)

In studies, they found that Volufiline works through a process known as “lipofilling.” In areas where Volufiline has been applied, the body will increase the size of fat cells.

READ THE STUDY: Volufiline Study

Bigger fat cells means that they can store more fat tissue, leading to a rounder, more curvy and feminine booty. And, since these are naturally grown fat cells, the results look far more natural than anything you could accomplish through butt implants or butt injections. And, it’s even more effective when used in conjunction with VoluPlus, another botanical-based compound.

Research has indicated that Volufiline’s amazing effects only last as long as the formula is being used on a regular basis. If a person discontinues use, they’ll lose all the gains that Volufiline brought them. Those looking to Volufiline should think of it as part of their daily self-care rituals and routines.

When it’s an ingredient in a quality butt cream, it will show up with other nourishing ingredients that make it a pleasure to apply on a daily basis.

By harnessing the power of scientifically proven remedies, we can outwardly become the goddesses we’ve always felt like inside. Incorporate science-based solutions like Volufiline to sculpt your body, add roundness and feminine curves and to get the lush, bodacious booty you’ve always wanted.

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