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How Does VoluPlus Work to Get a Bigger Butt

When you start researching ways to get a bigger butt, you can really fall down the rabbit hole. There are a ton of programs, pills and supplements out there, all promising dramatic butt enlargement results. The question is, what really works and what does not? To get good answers, you need to look at the science.

How Does VoluPlus work?

Photo of how does voluplus work productOne ingredient we have come across again and again in the best reviewed body enhancement formulas is VoluPlus. And, studies have shown that this ingredient is one of your best bets for getting a bigger butt.

Your butt gets its shape from a combination of muscles and fat. Think of the muscles underneath as the frame and the fat as the soft cushions. You can increase your muscle size through exercise.

voluplus bigger booty girl bikini

Fat increases when you gain weight, but you can only gain as much in an area as there are fat cells (also known as adipose) to support it.

To the left you can see fat cells under a microscope after exposure to VoluPlus, notice how they’ve plumped up and gotten bigger.

VoluPlus is derived from natural plant sources. The first ingredient, Macalignan, comes from nutmeg. This tropical seed is not just a seasoning for cakes and pies. It has many medical and beauty uses, as an antimicrobial and has even clinically been shown to have some anti-cancer effects.

Most importantly for the purposes of butt enhancement, it is a powerful plant-based estrogen. Estrogens, whether animal or plant based, trigger reactions in your body that enhance womanly curves. When applied topically, it stimulates your body to make more fat cells and to make them all larger. So, on a cellular level, you are increasing the fat storage in your booty.

The other key ingredient, Macademia Oil, comes from the native Australian tree that is now grown throughout tropical regions around the world. With 60% oleic acid, 19% palmitoleic acid and smaller amounts of both alpha linolenic acid and linolenic acid, it is one of nature’s richest sources of essential fatty acids.

Essential fatty acids work for your butt in two ways: first, they nourish the skin to make your bottom look super smooth. Plus, they sink into the epidermis to the fat layer where they can directly nourish the tissue there.

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Before and After Photos from Products with Voluplus

z_KourtnezBackup_yThese girls used a product with VoluPlus for anywhere from 1-4 months. In particular, they’re showcasing the Gluteboost Butt Enhancement Cream product. You’ll notice that most of the results are fantastic!

In these cases, a combination of VoluPlus and Volufiline helped these women get a bigger butt along with some other smoothing and stimulating ingredients. They all used Gluteboost cream in particular, which is the only product we could find on the market that uses both Volufiline and VoluPlus.

Before and after for gluteboost voluplusholly gluteboost before and after


How VoluPlus works to get you a bigger butt.

voluplus study results fat cellsSo, let’s get to the nitty gritty – How does VoluPlus work? Most importantly and notably, VoluPlus stimulates fat cells wherever it’s applied.

In a clinical study, subjects who applied a topical formulation with VoluPlus for 28 days saw a measurable increase in the size. Subjects were given a formula that contained 5% of the active ingredient VoluPlus.

Compared with the control group who got a placebo, those who got the most dramatic results saw an increase of 18% and the group average was 12%. To the left you can see fat cells under a microscope after exposure to VoluPlus, notice how they’ve plumped up and gotten bigger.

And, the researchers suggested that the benefits don’t end there. With continued regular use, you could see even more growth over a six month period. When you pair that with another treatment like Volufiline for a bigger butt, you can really achieve a huge level of growth, giving you a rounder, sexier booty naturally.

The science supports it. When a topical supplement that includes an effective amount of this formula is combined with sensible diet and exercise, you can’t help but see some positive results.


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