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Maca Root for a Bigger Booty

Curves are in, but we aren’t all blessed with a voluptuous, curvy backside. Thankfully, there are alternatives. Today, there’s a lot of talk about using maca root for a bigger booty. So what is this miracle root, where does it come from, and does it actually work? Though experts disagree on the exact health benefits of maca root, it comes from a long tradition of those who use it for a wide variety of ailments–and for a health-boosting food in general. Here’s the whole story!

The Rundown on Maca Root

maca for a bigger buttMaca root comes from South America. Peruvians and other South Americans have been using the root for around 3,000 years, and not because they wanted to get a bigger butt. They viewed maca as both a highly effective food and medicine to cure a variety of ailments Today, it’s considered a superfood because of its high density of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and enzymes. Because maca has such a high concentration of B-vitamins, it has a tendency to boost energy and reduce stress levels–much like a strong cup of coffee.

In addition to boosting energy levels, maca root is also used to treat anemia, to relieve symptoms of menopause, to help improve memory and increase fertility, to boost the immune system, and to boost sex hormones in both men and women.

Some also say it’s great for regulating the adrenal gland and thyroid. And it’s known to help regulate women’s menstrual cycles. Some report it’s the magic antidote to PMS symptoms.

And because it helps regulate estrogen levels, it’s also known to help make women look more… womanly. Here’s where the sexy curves come in.

Booty Boosting Superpowers

voluplus bigger booty girl bikiniOne of the most popular uses of maca root today has nothing to do with energy boosts or thyroid regulation, and everything to do with curves. Now, while the size and shape of your booty is mostly due to genetics, there are some things you can do to influence them. And maca impacts your hormones in a meaningful way.

Though it doesn’t automatically add estrogen to your body, it adapts to your body’s needs and encourages your body to produce the perfect balance of estrogen (which is one of the reasons maca is so great for menopause and menstrual issues). Well-regulated estrogen levels tell your body to retain more fat and muscle mass in the areas where women tend to have more curves: the hips and butt. The results? Those who consistently take maca powder often report a curvier, more defined backside.

Maca Root for a Bigger Booty, Does it Work?

Does Maca root for a bigger booty work, or is it a myth? If your estrogen levels are already well-regulated, not abnormally low, you might not see much of a change. But if they’re not, maca might be exactly what your body needs to bring your homones into balance and build a curvier butt and hips.

thinking selena gomezIt can’t hurt to try, especially as an addition to a butt-building routine, which should include a consistent workout program including butt-boosting moves. A whole-foods diet full of healthy fats and proteins will also help boost your booty and improve your overall health naturally. The cost of Maca root is relatively low from most suppliers; companies like Gluteboost even sell it as low as $8.95 a bottle with other purchases.

By combining a butt enhancement supplement containing maca powder with a smart workout program and effective food-for-fuel diet, you’re setting yourself up for success and for a curvier, stronger butt than ever before.

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