Natural Butt Enhancement

Using Fish Oil for a Bigger Butt

If you’ve been searching for a way to enhance your butt lately, you’ve probably seen the hundreds of bloggers, YouTuber’s, and other people talking about using fish oil to grow your butt. The theory is everywhere. But, the real question is, does it work? I for one, am dying to know. So, I posed the question; can it be done? Can a chick who cries when she hears “lovely lady lumps” grow her butt simply by applying fishoil and some saran wrap? Let’s check it out.

The Evidence Behind Fish Oil and Your Butt

A quick Google Search will link you to tons, and I mean tons of videos about fish oil. More importantly, though, it will lead to tons of bloggers, social media mavens, and women of the world shouting praises to the solution that gained them an extra two inches on their butt. Yes, you heard me right. These women claim to have increased their butt size by two inches, using a fishoil supplement that they broke open and rubbed on themselves. A lot of them talked about the combination of Fish Oil and Vitamin E in particular, and how those two components work together toA create the butt that “you’ve always wanted.” Like a lot of things in the beginning, there isn’t much scientific research, but that is likely due to the fact that this is such a new great find in the butt enhancement world.

Why would fish oil affect your butt?

The theory behind this “household cure” for a little butt is simple. The reason it works in theory is because of the Omega-3 Fatty Acids in the oil. When you apply fish oil to your body on the skin, it’s said that the area it’s applied to absorbs the oils and grows. There’s also the idea that the calories in the fishoil can be applied directly to the place that you want to see growth. The logic makes sense, even if not scientifically studied yet.


What We DO Know About Enhancing the Size of Your Butt

While the Vitamin E and Fish Oil combination hasn’t been studied, there are some things that have been. The first and potentially most effective ingredient to increase the size of your glutes is called Volufiline. This cosmetic agent has been known for a long time to help with natural breast enhancement, but within the last few years it’s been shown to help your butt grow too. Slowly, you’re seeing more and more products pop up on the market.

Volufiline & VoluPlus | How Does It Work?

How does it work? Volufiline is a combination of extracts that help amp up the growth of fatty tissue wherever it’s applied. In English, it gets your fat cells excited and tells them to multiply.

Another buzz ingredient on the market that’s been proven to add some junk to your trunk is called VoluPlus; VoluPlus is a derivative from Nutmeg and again people in the cosmetics industry have been using it for years to help with breast enhancement, well recently we’ve seen this little miracle pop up in some of the best butt enhancement products on the market. VoluPlus works by making your fat cells bigger and more dense, which obviously would help when applied to your butt.


Maca Root and It’s Effect on Your Butt

The last big-name in butt enhancement ingredients that I want to talk about is Maca. Maca is a Peruvian herb (thank you Peru!) that has been used for thousands of years to improve your overall well being. Medicinal doctors dating back more than two thousand years used this root to give you energy, improve your mental clarity, and even treat a low sex drive.


Maca regulates the bodies hormones, especially for women. This can even counteract menopause but the same agents that are doing that, are balancing the estrogen levels in the body; which gives you a bigger butt and curvy hips. Why? Because, when estrogen production is at it’s best in a woman’s body (think, during pregnancy), the hips widen and the butt gets bigger because that is the best possible condition for the human body to bear children. Luckily for us, this same agent gives us those feminine curves we long for. I don’t know about you, but I want to give mother nature a quick, “Thanks girl!” for that one.


So, Back to the Point…Does Fish Oil and Vitamin E Give You A Bigger Buttocks?

The answer….. “It Should!!!!”

Based on all of the anecdotal evidence, it would be hard to deny that this works to some extent and I personally am going to give it my “It’s possible” seal. However, if you combined fish oil and vitamin E with the ingredients listed above, THAT is something that is going to get you results without a doubt. That’s exactly why companies are getting creative and trying to find a way to put a product like that on the market. In fact, the butt enhancement market’s biggest name, GluteBoost even came out with a product that does just that; combines all of these ingredients to give you a bigger but naturally and safely and that’s something that I would pay for.

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